sábado, 27 de novembro de 2010

Hello, World!! (First...)

Brasileiros, me desculpem, mas acho que preciso falar com outras pessoas hoje, ok?! ;D
(Translating this: Sorry, brazilians, but I'll talk with other people today, ok?!)

OMG!! Well, this is my 1st international post! Nervous, but I guess I can do this...
I need (and I want) to say "Thank You!" to everyone who comes here on my blog. Of course I knew since the begining that showing my works on the internet anyone in anywhere could see it. But I really didn't expected to be viewed for so many different countries in a few months.

It has been so funny to discover that someone from a (completly!!) unexpected place accessed my blog! Places that I had never imagine to reach... like ... Ukraine(!) or Guatemala (!!) or Lithuania (!!!) or even Luxembourg and Cape Verde (!!!!!!!!!!!)

I wanna say thanks to all of you. Specially to these countries:






And everyone... Thanks, thanks! You make me so happy!! From the heart! s2

Yes, I know that you have been here!! But I think: "Why don't we try to talk?". I could be good don't you think? Maybe it's not that difficult we think... XD
Try it! Comment ! And --->here<---- , my facebook!

Well, it's on your hands now!! ;D